Taunton Street



The Wrentham State Forest in Southeastern Massachusetts is laced with an almost uncountable number of motorcycle type singletrack, jeep trails, and a few slightly maintained forest service roads. Wrentham does not have a campground, lake, river or even a headquarters building. Just 1,064 acres of well drained, lightly hilled woodland trails. The forest is the center of most of the areas hunting activity. One special feature unique to Wrentham is a singletrack under Route 495.

The DEM’s Wrentham State Forest handout map does not show 50% of the existing trails that are in use. This means that you will have a great time getting yourself lost and found while you explore. Just remember the forest is bisected by Route 495 which runs from East to West and by Taunton Street which runs from North to South. Any paved road that you come upon other than Taunton Street is outside of the forest. That knowledge, along with the DEM map, is all you need to have a great ride.

Wrentham State Forest parking lot and trailhead is located on Taunton Street in the center of the forest, and it has a copy of the “good” map on its signboard. To get there head South from the intersections of Routes 495 and 1 and take a right on Route 152 (Taunton Street) towards Wrentham. After you go over Route 495, look for the parking lot on your left.

Keeping the traffic noise on your left, try to ride all the trails that are closest to the highway fence as you proceed West. When you reach the second paved road (Route 1A), you will be out of the forest. Retrace your route to the first jeep road that heads left (North) and ride the most defined trails as you head back towards the start. At the minimum, this will net you 4 miles of singletrack on your Eastern leg and at least 6 on your way back. With this brief introduction to the forest you’re ready to explore.

Now for the surprise. Remember that drainage culvert you noticed along your way West? It leads under Route 495 and connects to the trails in the Southern portion of the forest. Try it! Although the inside of the pipe is a little slippery, it is ridable. And it’s a kick being under the traffic for a change.

Continuing on, the jeep trails on the South side of the forest lead to a vast array of motorcycle, jeep and ATV trails that run through Plainfield, Attleborough, North Attleborough and even into Rhode Island. Bring along a local town road map to help you find a quick way back to your start.

A few cautions: During hunting season the trails are closed on Saturdays, holidays and all week during deer rifle week. If you get lost, try following the widest trails that you can find. They always lead out to a street, eventually.

Riding in Wretham will test your limits. Not many hills, and not much mud, but the difficult, technical singletracks seem to go on forever.

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